Turtle Shore Stealth 600 Examine: Great Audio; Irritating Design

The Turtle ocean Stealth 600 is one of the inexpensive name-brand wireless headphones, but great appear does not totally excuse their difficult build.

By Marshall Honorof 29 November 2017

Our Verdict

The Turtle ocean Stealth 600 considered cheaper name-brand wireless headsets, but terrific appear doesn’t fully excuse their embarrassing concept.

  • Superb gaming and sounds sounds
  • Luxurious ear servings
  • Smooth wireless connections


  • Strange healthy
  • Lackluster mic build
  • Minimal Personal Computer compatibility

Turtle Beach had been the paragon for playing headphones, blowing rivals at a distance with a unique mixture of comfort, aesthetics and quality of sound. It did not take long for opposition for wise, though, and Turtle seaside is currently one excellent bluetooth headset vendor in a veritable beach of different very high bluetooth headset labels.

Enter in the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 ($100), an invisible wireless headset for the PS4 or xbox 360 system the one sounds excellent and does not cost excessively. A name-brand wireless wireless headset for one hundred dollars may appear like an exceptional bargain. However, an awkward mic, insufficient convenience and a really uneasy fit get the Stealth 600 a relatively advertising.

Turtle ocean manufactured a lot of compromises making use of Stealth 600, but those compromises performed help to make it among the many most affordable wireless gaming headphones about. Press the choices accordingly.


The Stealth 600 appears like a relic of the just-about-bygone “extreme” games age, with clear angles bisecting the over-ear cups and either bright-green or dark-blue highlights, based on whether obtain the Playstation Four or xbox console version.

Of particular mention would be the growth microphone, which folds all the way up in return, parallel within the ear mug. Actually an entertaining halfway answer, neither as stylish as a mic that retracts into an ear pot nor since jarring as a mic that merely folds up.

The head servings bring a bit swivel with them, that will help them fit comfortably, therefore fold up awake for portability. While the material underlay about headband is plush and has lots of make, the extendable notches think low-cost and finicky, therefore obtaining a very good fit requires some testing.

The kept ear pot could possibly get quite congested, since its where you can find the levels control as well chat-volume call, that happen to be essentially near one another. If you think this feels like a confusing arrangement, your correct. Though it’s not hard to bear in mind about the levels is found on best together with the cam quantity goes in https://besthookupwebsites.net/benaughty-review/ the underside, actually acutely very easy to call unwanted one out of a heated minutes and inquire precisely why the overall game has never become any quieter than prior to.

Beyond that, all other buttons can be extremely easy. The remaining ear pot (which also contains the getting charged port; the right hearing glass try absolutely bare by comparison) enjoys an electric switch, a coupling switch and an equalization button, which lets you change among four modalities. Which makes the remaining ear container the well-designed facility on the whole system is practical from a cost-saving perspective, this quite packed from concept and visual sides.


Turtle Beach carries the Stealth 600 employs technologies labeled as “ProSpecs” for making the hearing glasses much easier on people who wear 8oz glasses. As a bespectacled unique, I am able to concur that the bluetooth headset is unusually simple regarding the hearing, controlling to create a pretty good aural seal without previously pressing lower too much.

At the beginning, the bluetooth headset felt like this could fall-off at any given time.

Every course I listened to was wealthy, simple and stuffed with lifestyle. From in depth cycle electric guitar products, to delicate voice harmonies, to drum and pike beats that did not block the actual track, the Stealth 600 is basically — and surprisingly — one of the best audio encounters I’ve ever had with a gaming headset.

Main Point Here

The Turtle coastline Stealth 600 supplies exceptional appear for video gaming and tunes, the most critical thing a playing headset should do. However, it does not match very well, their layout can feel also congested as well as its difficult Computer interface produces improvements and servicing a chore. When you can experience a wired style, be sure to visit the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms to your brain form a lot better and seems a great device too Or, if you should insist on having a wireless headset and don’t mind keeping an eye out for sale, an alternative way might outstanding Logitech G533, that is accessible for never as than their $150 retail price.

For $100, you’re not able to get another name-brand wireless wireless headset, not to mention one that offers these types of outstanding audio. The convenience and quality of sound by itself may be worth the cost; if you are not, you may need to give up wireless functionality for one thing more at ease and functional.

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